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Give us one good reason why you would NOT release your own music. In fact, there is no reason at all why your music should not be released. Today there are more possibilities than ever before to unleash your music on humanity!
Unholy Media is a digital label that specifically targets metal and rock bands and artists who want to release their music digitally.
We ensure you that your music is offered to all known digital service providers such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes and more.


DDP image file

We turn the studio files into a DDP image file including isrc codes.

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A new release also includes promotion to our media contacts.

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Website Development

We can also prepare a website for you to promote your own music.

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Resurrect Tomorrow (NL)

'The Awesome Deluxe Remastered Edition'

Ann My Dice (NL)


Wound Collector (BE)

'Eternal Bloodcult'

Soulline (CH)

'The Deep'

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Two Too Many (NL) reveal tracklist and cover art

Two Too Many is a hard/heavy rockband from Amsterdam. Conceived in the back rooms of the city’s seediest bars, Two Too Many formed in 2017. They now step back into the light, proud to present to
By : adminum | Oct 25, 2019

Everyone Hates Everything (US) reveal tracklist and cover art

Everyone Hates Everything is an aggressive metalcore/death metal band from Pittsburgh PA. ‘We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope of music and life’. Today the band announces the tracklist, title and cover art
By : adminum | Oct 19, 2019

Resurrect Tomorrow reveal tracklist and cover art

The Dutch metal band Resurrect Tomorrow unveils the tracklist and cover art for their new release The Wolf “The Awesome Deluxe Remastered Edition”. The new release contains four exclusive live tracks that are
By : adminum | Oct 19, 2019

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