Everyone Hates Everything is an aggressive metalcore/death metal band from Pittsburgh PA. ‘We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope of music and life’.

Today the band announces the tracklist, title and cover art of their upcoming new album ‘Holding The Hand Of Death’. The album will appear on ‘Black Friday’ November 29, 2019.

Holding The Hand Of Death

1. The Wrath to Come
2. Earth’s Funeral Procession 
3. Desolate is a Dark Place to Be
4. The 9th Hour of Friday
5. Everyone Hates Everything
6. The Light that Has Left Me 
7. Embracing Suicide’s Loving Arms
8. Alone at the Apocalypse 
9. Into the Abyss 
10. The Ring 

November 29, 2019 (Black Friday) Profane Records Unholy Media

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